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A Delicious And Affordable Way To Gain More Enjoyable Time In Your Day!

Many personal chef's clients express surprise when hearing about the fees for the service for the very first time.

This is due to the fact that they are not considering the full value of the benefits and features of using a Personal Chef Service.  Instead, they are just comparing the fee to what they would spend in a restaurant. The time and attention that a personal chef spends on each client, far outweighs the amount of personalized care and attention that a customer could possibly hope to receive in a restaurant. By using a personal chef, the client gains the convenience of not having to leave the comfort of their home in order to enjoy a healthy and home-cooked meal after a long and stressful day. 

 In order to accommodate the needs of a broad base of clients A HOUSE CALL CHEF offers  several pricing package options. The chart below explains the most popular, basic flat fee formula. The prices below represent the fee per each cook date.  A check is left in advance for the chef to apply towards the next upcoming session, on each cook date.

2 Portions/Meal

6 total servings = $242 

8 total servings = $305

10 total servings = $357

4 portions/meal

12 total servings = $270

16 total servings = $351

20 total servings = $431

6 portions/meal

18 total servings = $322

24 total servings = $420

30 total servings = $518

  • All the plans priced above include the cost of groceries and the chef's labor.
  • Additional charges may apply if organic or specialty products are required.
  • All entrees are accompanied by one side dish (such as a starch or vegetable) with the exception of some casseroles, stir fry, stews etc. which are complete stand-alone meal dishes.
  • To get a full explanation on all the pricing options available, and to select a plan that that best fits your needs, please schedule an appointment with the Chef.
  • EXAMPLE: You select a five entree plan of four servings per entree at $431 per cook date.  Five meals x four servings = 20 total servings.  Each meal includes 4 entree servings plus 4 side dishes.  In short, your flat fee cost of $431 per cook date includes the cost of the food and the chef's labor.










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