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Personal Chef Services

Here Is How A Personal Chef Services Works:

Once you decide you want to explore the possibility of using a personal chef you then call and make an appointment with a local chef, who then comes to your home to meet with you one-on-one. This way the chef can learn what you like to eat, and how you like to eat, whether you have any medical situations that need to be addressed, whether you have any allergies or food sensitivities, or whether there are certain foods you just don't like - like Brussels Sprouts - if you don't like them, they'll never cross your threshold....   If you want a low-fat or low-sodium program, that's no problem.  All you need to do is tell the chef what you want. 

Armed with this information, your personal chef will customize menus for you that reflect these guidelines, and assist you in selecting an initial set of entrees for your first cooking date.  On an agreed upon date your chef will come to your home - with pots and pans and cooking utensils in hand, as well as your groceries.  The chef will prepare your meals "in your own kitchen", package and label them, and leave you instructions on what to do in order to reheat and enjoy all of them.  The chef will then clean up and leave your house smelling wonderful, your food stored, and your kitchen clean.

The chef will also determine what appliance you choose to use when reheating your meals, and if you wish to use your microwave, or your conventional oven, your meals will be packaged appropriately.  You will be asked to decide how you wish your meals to be packaged in individual servings, service for two or "family style".

The fees for this service are very affordable when you consider all of the services the chef provides.  Before your cooking day,  the chef researches and determines recipes for your personal tastes, presents meal plans for your approval, and shops for the necessary groceries.  On your cooking day, the chef will come to your home with a mobile kitchen kit, and prepares your delicious meals just the way you like them.  Typically, it takes the Chef five to six hours to prepare four to five dinners with accompanying side dishes.  By time the client comes home from work, one of the dinners is left warm and ready for immediate consumption while the others are packed and ready to be reheated, per the clients needs, on another busy day.  


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